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Do you agree, that the greatest gift is health and the next greatest is peace of mind? For centuries the Chinese art of Tai Chi has helped people achieve those goals. Although originally created as a way of fighting, Tai Chi has gained worldwide fame for its health and exercise benefits.

Now you, can have those benefits too, an internet connected computer or smartphone, at home or anywhere, and you are ready to practice and learn Tai Chi. 

Our training programs will enable you to learn Tai Chi (and it's sister art of Qigong) easily, progressively and thoroughly. 

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Courses in this Program:

About Robert Agar-Hutton

Robert Agar-Hutton is the founder and chief instructor of the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy. Robert is a Tai Chi instructor acknowledged by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain with the rank of a Senior Level instructor (the highest of their four instructor grades). He is an expert martial artist who started training in 1971 and began teaching around 1993.

He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Martial Arts and Sports Psychology from the University of Derby, which he earned after three years of full time study, as a mature student, between 2007 and 2010. This degree makes him one of only a handful of people (and probably the only Tai Chi instructor) with both practical experience and formal academic knowledge of martial arts in the UK.

Robert is regularly asked to teach Tai Chi and Self Defence at seminars in the UK, USA, and Malaysia.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“"I have been a 'real world' student of Robert's for some time and have learnt so much. The only downside was trying to remember every little detail between sessions. Being able to practice at home with instruction is invaluable! Thank you Robert for setting up and producing this amazing resource."” ― Chris Welbourn
“"I love the idea of using my body to function as a unified unit which is what Tai Chi allows me. It stretches my physical 'me' but does not leave me feeling exhausted."” ― Siew-Peng Crevel
“Tai chi classes with Robert and Lee are friendly and fun. They are excellent instructors who make the challenge of learning a new discipline very enjoyable.” ― Lynne Simpson
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